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Contemporary Seascape Paintings
Art, Design, Knowledge, Sea / 19/04/2022

Contemporary Seascape Paintings

The inescapable pleasure of enjoying a contemporary seascape painting is something that attracts many of us who enjoy nature and the sea. Having a lovely original artwork of the sea to enjoy and being able to look at it when you feel like it is art ownership at its best. The seascape painting can express the beautiful qualities of the…

The Advantages of Painting As a Craft
Art, Design, Knowledge / 05/04/2022

The Advantages of Painting As a Craft

I have always painted, but did so more regularly at an early age, took a hiatus, and then found my passion again. The pace of life in the corporate and business world leaves little time for reflection, and few of us are able to dedicate a week at a time to working on our observational drawings. Changing schedules and family…

Taking On The Online Art World
Art, Design / 02/04/2022

Taking On The Online Art World

As a painter/artist, it can be tricky to know where and how to sell artwork. Exhibiting in local galleries will allow one to reach only a limited audience, and sales will be wholly dependent on who happens to come through the door on a given day. An online marketplace has a true worldwide reach, enabling works to be discovered and…

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