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The Advantages of Painting As a Craft

The Advantages of Painting As a Craft
05/04/2022 / by hakeem in Art, Design, Knowledge

I have always painted, but did so more regularly at an early age, took a hiatus, and then found my passion again. The pace of life in the corporate and business world leaves little time for reflection, and few of us are able to dedicate a week at a time to working on our observational drawings. Changing schedules and family commitments render weekend painting sessions almost impossible to regularly engage in, and returning to a work-in-progress-piece after having missed sessions can be bewildering.

Aside from the time-tabling issues, many of us seem put off at the idea of taking up our brushes after a break of some years, only to be told to ‘express ourselves‘. All too often I hear complaints about the lack of structure of art courses run by some of the worlds leading institutions, where emphasis is laid more on natural inclination than the structured learning of techniques. Although full-time art schools may find a more freewheeling approach fruitful, I would argue that my natural inclination when told to express myself freely is towards panic.

Painting, for me, still encompasses an element of craft. It is the learning and mastering of that craft that brings the mind to the unique balance of concentration and serenity that characterizes meditation. When I paint, hours can pass, calmness ensues, no part of me is wondering about the state of my inbox or my reception on social media. I am absorbed in the ancient craft of creation, and modern anxieties fall away.

But for the meditative benefits of art classes to take effect, structured lessons with a focus on mastering techniques are crucial. Art students should be guided, not left disorientated and confused. The therapeutic effects of artistic training can only be felt if it is indeed a training, and not an exercise in frustration.

Below are my recommendations for art/painting/drawing courses in Australia.

  • For those seeking one on one classes: Belinda Hackney Art School is your opportunity to learn from Belinda herself. You’ll receive tutoring and impactful knowledge on modern painting methodologies and techniques and also, personalized classes to meet your individual requirements.
  • For those looking for a specialist arts and design school: Griffith University, South Bank Campus has what you need. Learn and grow with informative and encouraging teachers, life drawing sessions are also held at the campus.
  • For fixed date courses: Lavender Art Studios offers well structured daily courses for varied levels of experience. From beginners drawing to portrait and figure sculpture, courses can be selected to suit the student.
  • For a mentorship and apprentice environment: At Mastrius, the wide range of courses on offer and the high standard of teaching means that courses get snapped up incredibly quickly, but if you can manage to reserve a spot, be confident in the knowledge that you are working in an institution famous for its teaching over a wide array of masters.


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